Britta, Battle Angel

Britta is an incredibly creative person and I love shooting with her. She is the nicest person and so easy to work with, and in addition to that, she comes up with all those costume ideas and builds lots of her own accessories.

These are just a few of the results from our recent studio day.

In Bed

A few weeks ago, I was at one of those group shoots again. We had rented a small studio together with a group of photographers and models and had planned to shoot a bunch of fantastic fantasy outfits. The models had brought some fantastic dresses, headpieces and accessories which you will see in a later post. But then V., whom I already knew from a previous photoshoot, discovered the bed in the back room, the lingerie in the dress collection and some accessories in a box under the bed. We both instantly knew that we had to take the opportunity, so we went to work.

The space was quite narrow and the lighting was a bit tricky, but with the help of the curtains, moving some furniture, and disassembling half the bed, we made it work.

What do you think about our results?

Can fruit be sexy?

If you are into the history of photography, you might have heard about Edward Weston and his Pepper #30. Many have attributed a sensual quality to this image.

The pictures in this post are my take on the subject. Not as refined or involved as Weston’s approach, but maybe a little more adapted to modern viewing habits, and people who have seen the photos already have described them als “almost a little sexy.” What you you think?

On the Floor


This photo on the other hand: I was never quite satisfied with it. I should have put a small pillow under her head to lift it up a little and create a more relaxed and natural facial expression and the perspective of the fake stone floor is rather confusing.

Be that as it may – people seems to really like it and I always get nice comments about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Woman on the floor, photographed from above


I like doing these simple, rembrandtesque studio portraits. This is one of me when I needed a haircut.

Head shot of a man in black and white

Feed me!

I’m gonna start posting my photographs in a more or less chronological feed, so people can easily see what’s new.

I’ll start you off with this picture of Ewa form our studio shoot in – I think – 2018

Woman in a transparent blouse in front of a brick wall