Black Candle

It all started with an Instagram message, as these things so often do.

Hey, we are looking for another good photographer for our group shoot. Would you be interested?

My ego was sufficiently stroked, so I joined the chat group to see what was planned. And I was in for quite a surprise. One of the participants had booked an actual BDSM studio an hour away from me and several alternatively styled models had already signed up. I was so in.

Well, after a bit of planning, looking at outfits, and several ideas going back and forth, I packed my gear and – by special request – my very pointy guitar and was on my way.

I was glad to find a very outgoing, friendly, and creative group of people with a genuine interest in creating pictures that are worth sharing. No territorial disputes over locations and who gets to shoot with whom, no weisenheimers.

The pictures will tell you the rest of the story.