Redscale is colour film that has been turned around and re-spooled, so you are shooting it through the backside. You can do it at home in a dark bag. To get a good exposure, you then have to rate it two stops slower. This AGFA Vista+ 400 becomes ISO 100 film and has a really nice red tint. Shame it is discontinued, but I have a few rolls left in my fridge.

Here are some images I shot on AGFA APX 400 that has been expired for >10 years. I shot it at ISO 800 and pushed it one stop in development with Rodinal, so it gets even more grainy. I love grain.

I shot these on my Instax mini 90 and Instax black and white film for the #ShittyCameraChallenge over on Twitter. It was one of the most expensive trips to the gas station I ever took.

Film always is a bit of an experiment, compared to digital, because you lock in so many parameters, when you decide on a film. Sometimes that is great, because it can enhance your subject, and make many development steps unnecessary, you would need to do to a digital file.

Sometimes it can also be a challenge. Here, I used Cinestill 800T for a midday shoot, which turned out to be a not so great idea, because there was way more color cast than I expected. I tried to dial in the colors to a somewhat natural level, but next time I’m gonna chose another film, or use a filter to warm up the tones. The pictures turned out quite nice, anyways. At least in my opinion.

Other analog images here: