Instead of giving you a longwinded story of how I picked up my first camera at an astonishingly young age, let me just say that photography is a hobby for me.

I consider myself an amateur in the original sense.

Historically, the amateur was considered to be the ideal balance between pure intent, open mind, and the interest or passion for a subject.


It stems from the latin amare (to love) and that is just it: I love photography.

But it is not just the click of the shutter, it is the creation of something beyond the image you can see. I strive to create something with a meaning, something that shows more than the eye can see at first glance.

Most of all I like to create that something together with another person. Photographing people, interacting with them and developing images to me is the most fascinating of all photographic genres. Not just showing the person, but showing something about them. What they like or dislike, how they live and feel, or just how pretty they are.

If you want to be that person, contact me.

One more thing: There is a protected section on this page. I’ll give you the password. Just write me a quick note. It’s just there, so some people I work with can’t see the content right away.