Wind turbines

I have a deep love for analog photography. You don’t see much of it here at the moment, because a lot of the pictures I take on film are personal and family pictures that don’t belong in public. But soon that is going to change. I’m about to open a new gallery section dedicated to film and I have some interesting projects planned.

This picture was taken on expried (10 years) APX 400, shot @ISO 800 in a Minox 35 GT, and developed in Rodinal. I just love grain.

wind turbines in the fog

On the Floor


This photo on the other hand: I was never quite satisfied with it. I should have put a small pillow under her head to lift it up a little and create a more relaxed and natural facial expression and the perspective of the fake stone floor is rather confusing.

Be that as it may – people seems to really like it and I always get nice comments about it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Woman on the floor, photographed from above


I like doing these simple, rembrandtesque studio portraits. This is one of me when I needed a haircut.

Head shot of a man in black and white

Silhouette of a Pregnant Woman

Today I’ll show you three pictures in a row of S. when she was pregnant with twins and I didn’t want to do the typical plushy baby belly shoots.

I like doing sets of photos instead of just single shots, but the fact that Instagram has conditioned me to doing sets of three also upsets me a litte.

Silhouette of a pregnant woman in front of an octabox
Silhouette of a pregnant woman in front of an octabox
Silhouette of a pregnant woman in front of an octabox

Ewa in Black and White

Let’s start with the nudes.
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