I don’t like street photography

There, I said it. I’ve tried doing it for a bit, I’ve watched a lot of it and it just isn’t for me. I felt weird photographing people “in the wild” and most of the time it feels either weird watching photographs of random people who didn’t know or weren’t prepared to be photographed, or those photographs feel completely mundane und unnecessary. Maybe it’s a German thing.

There are a very select few who can pull off a good street photo, where maybe the person portrayed isn’t recognizable or there is something really interesting going on – like some of Sixstreetunder’s work – but that is a rare feat.

The pinnacle of tastelessness in my opinion are photographs of homeless people. Very rarely are they used to document the conditions or make aware of their situation, but they often feel exploitative and use the situation of people just to propel the photographer’s Instagram profile. Just … don’t.


I know you’ve been wondering: “Can he do males as well?” You tell me!

Can fruit be sexy?

If you are into the history of photography, you might have heard about Edward Weston and his Pepper #30. Many have attributed a sensual quality to this image.

The pictures in this post are my take on the subject. Not as refined or involved as Weston’s approach, but maybe a little more adapted to modern viewing habits, and people who have seen the photos already have described them als “almost a little sexy.” What you you think?

Time, what is time?

You might have noticed that I pretty much stopped posting on here for a few weeks now (or at least I hope somebody did). It’s not that I lost interest in posting or even photography, but that life got in the way.

I have a full time job with a long commute, a house that needs fixing, and three small children that need constant looking after. That combined with the fact hat I live in a sparely populated area, where there seem to be very few people who are into modeling makes it hard to find the time, opportunity or energy to set up a photo shoot.

I’ll get back to it, I promise.

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Cinestill is hard

Negative Lab Pro v2.3.0 | Color Model: Frontier | Pre-Sat: 3 | Tone Profile: LAB - Standard | WB: Cine-T | LUT: Frontier

Next time I’m going out with Cinestill 800T, I’m bringing a filter.

The Password

Some pages and posts here are password protected. This is done to keep out a specific group of people you probably don’t belong to. You can have the password if you contact me via the form, on Twitter, on Instagram or by leaving a comment.

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