I don’t like street photography

There, I said it. I’ve tried doing it for a bit, I’ve watched a lot of it and it just isn’t for me. I felt weird photographing people “in the wild” and most of the time it feels either weird watching photographs of random people who didn’t know or weren’t prepared to be photographed, or those photographs feel completely mundane und unnecessary. Maybe it’s a German thing.

There are a very select few who can pull off a good street photo, where maybe the person portrayed isn’t recognizable or there is something really interesting going on – like some of Sixstreetunder’s work – but that is a rare feat.

The pinnacle of tastelessness in my opinion are photographs of homeless people. Very rarely are they used to document the conditions or make aware of their situation, but they often feel exploitative and use the situation of people just to propel the photographer’s Instagram profile. Just … don’t.

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